Children’s COVID-19 Vaccine is Now Available in Philadelphia

The COVID vaccine is the best protection against COVID that we have. And now the U.S. FDA and CDC have approved COVID vaccine for children aged 5 to 11! After reviewing data from clinical trials, they found the Pfizer vaccine to be safe and effective at preventing COVID in children. Here’s the details:

What’s new?

There is now a vaccine that protects children ages 5 to 11 from COVID! The Pfizer vaccine has been shown to be safe and effective for these children after review by the FDA and CDC.

Who can get vaccinated now?

Everyone in Philadelphia over the age of five is now eligible to be vaccinated in Philadelphia! Children between 5 and 11 can only receive the pediatric dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Teens from 12 to 18 can receive the Pfizer vaccine. Everyone over the age of 18 can receive Pfizer, Moderna, or the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Why should I get my child vaccinated?

The pediatric COVID vaccine is safe and effective. Research has shown that it protects children from testing positive for COVID. The CDC recently found that people who survived a previous infection of COVID are five times more likely to be reinfected than someone who was vaccinated.  

What about side effects?

During the safety trials, side effects of the vaccine were mild and included pain at the injection site, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, fever, and nausea or decreased appetite. Most side effects went away within a day or two.

Where can my child get vaccinated?

The Health Department is working with all of the existing vaccine providers to get children vaccinated at the same place as adults. Vaccines for children will be available at any City-run community clinic, most pharmacies, health centers, and many pediatrician’s offices. Some pediatricians recommend calling ahead to make sure they have the vaccine. Also check and

Is there anything I need to bring to get my child vaccinated?

All children need to be accompanied by their parent or guardian. The City-run vaccine clinics are not collecting proof of age or guardianship.

Will it cost anything to get my child vaccinated?

All COVID vaccines are provided free of charge. You should not be charged for your vaccine or your child’s.

Will there be enough vaccine for all of the children in Philadelphia?

The Health Department has ordered tens of thousands of doses and will continue to order more to ensure that there is enough.

Find the closest pediatric vaccine clinic here!

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