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Free support and expertise for new parents where you’re most comfortable — at home!

Pregnancies and babies don’t come with instruction manuals.

That’s why Philly Families CAN is here! Now you can get the helpful guidance and know-how of a Support Professional who comes to you. And it’s totally free!

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Your support professional will be there through every stage of what can be the most joyful — yet challenging — times of your life.

While you’re pregnant

Your Support Professional will be there to provide you the help and resources you need to keep you healthy during your pregnancy and to get you ready for childbirth.

When baby comes home

Your Support Professional will be there to support you with everything from how to nurse your newborn to how to respond to your baby’s needs.

As your baby grows

Your Support Professional will be there for you to help you get through every milestone and give you personalized guidance throughout your child’s development — from infancy to early learning.

Through just about everything

Your Support Professional will be there for you. They can even connect you to resources available that can help you with things like healthcare, employment, mental health support, and more.

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Simply call (215-685-4701) or fill out the form below and tell us what you need. Go ahead, we’re listening.

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Stephanie Foster

Stephanie loves working with families, and has over 10 years of experience connecting families to community resources. In addition to her experience promoting early childhood development, she enjoys spending time with her two young adult sons, listening to her favorite podcasts and trying out new recipes from Pinterest.

Miya Cooley-Donaldson

Miya is passionate about child and family advocacy and has over 14 years of professional experience supporting families in the public health, social service and early intervention fields in Philadelphia. Miya believes that through advocacy and the right supports, children and families can truly thrive as they move through their lifespan. In addition to applying her professional and personal experiences to provide support and resources to families, she enjoys reading, cooking, and writing.  

Sharon Starr

Sharon is a public health nurse who has worked in community with families for nearly 40 years, She hopes that every family receives support their journey toward family health through their lifespan. She is shaped by many professional mentors in nursing, countless professional students, and by family as a spouse for more than 40 years and as a parent of three children, their spouses and five grandchildren.

Are you a health care provider or educator?

Philly Families Can is here for you too.

Be sure to tell your families about the support and resources available with Philly Families CAN. It’s a great way to connect families to support, from pregnancy through raising a happy, healthy toddler!

Simply fill out the form and we'll reach out.

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Your Support Professional is there for you, and can join you at any stage of your journey.

They'll come to you

Your Support Professional can meet virtually, come to your home, or wherever you decide works best — to help you have a healthy pregnancy and keep you and your child thriving from birth onward.

Speak your language

It's important that you're totally comfortable with your Support Professional. So we'll match you with a program that can interpret your language and someone who will listen to and respect your own traditions and culture.

Provide you with guidance and know-how

The pressures of life don’t go away with a new baby, so your support person is here for you with other real-life needs, whether it’s healthcare, childcare or employment.

It's free for everyone

The expertise and guidance of your Support Professional is completely free, no matter where you live in Philly.

Make sure you never feel alone or unsupported

With all the attention on the new baby, it’s easy to forget that parents and big brothers and big sisters, need support too. Your Support Professional is there to make sure your entire family thrives.

Be there to listen and guide, not judge

Your Support Professional is there to listen, really listen, to your needs. They’ll get to work right alongside you to help you meet those needs with love, patience and support — but never judgement.

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