You're pregnant!

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When you find out you're pregnant, a whole wave of emotions can come with it. Excitement and a bit of nervousness are completely normal! What's most important is knowing you are not alone. The whole Philly Loves Families team and community is ready to be by your side as you take care of yourself and your baby.

Tips for taking care of yourself and your baby

Professionals you trust
  • Prenatal care is health care you get while you are pregnant. One of the best ways to promote a healthy birth is by getting early and regular prenatal care. The City of Philadelphia provides the medical care and support services you need to give your baby a healthy start in life. Learn more about prenatal care.
  • City health centers provide complete prenatal care. As an enrolled patient, you will receive important health screenings that can help prevent or treat health problems before they become serious. These screenings include:
  • Physical exams
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Height and weight checks
  • Blood tests
  • Genetic screenings
  • Imaging tests (such as ultrasounds)
Keeping healthy
Preparing for birth

Free support for you and your family, on your terms.

You can get the helpful guidance and know-how of a Support Professional who comes to you.

Your Support Professional will be there through every stage of what can be the most joyful—yet challenging—times of your life.

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Interested in a Doula?

A Doula is a trained professional who provides non-clinical support during pregnancy, labor, and delivery, and in the postpartum period.

The Doula Support Program supports pregnant and postpartum parents, with a focus on those with a history of substance use disorder.

Learn more about Doula Support

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