Happy Mother's Day from Philly Loves Families

The image displays the words Happy Mother's Day surrounded by three photos of mothers holding babies.

Mother’s Day is a time to recognize and celebrate the mothers in our lives and in our communities. It is also an opportunity to show love to anyone in your life who has served as a mother figure. Who are you celebrating this Mother’s Day?

Each year, around 20,000 Philly women give birth. That’s a lot of moms! A special shout out goes out to all the new moms celebrating their first Mother’s Day this year! In 2021 (the most recent year we have complete numbers for), there were 7,846 Philadelphians who became moms for the first time!  

Did you know the Health Department has a division dedicated to the health of mothers and families? The mission of the Division of Maternal, Child, and Family Health (MCFH) is to empower all Philadelphia mothers, children, and families to create and live healthy lives.

Here are some ways that MCFH has served Philly moms and families by the numbers:

  • The Safe Sleep Philly Crib Program gave out over 1,100 free portable cribs and provided safe sleep education to families with new babies. There are now 19 Crib Stations across the city, including two at birthing hospitals, four at medical centers, and 13 at community and education-based organizations.
  • The Health Department received over $3 million to support the Philly Joy Bank. The Philly Joy Bank is a pilot program of the Philadelphia Community Action Network (CAN) that will provide a monthly guaranteed income for approximately 250 pregnant Philadelphians with the aim of reducing racial disparities in birth outcomes. This income is no-strings-attached which respects the dignity and autonomy of participants and allows them the freedom to use the cash as they determine to best address their needs.
  • 82 birthing persons were served by the Doula Support Program, receiving over 700 visits from the doulas.
  • Over 1,800new users signed up for Pacify, an app that provides 24/7 access to live lactation and infant feeding support. Philly residents get free access with code PHILLY.
  • More than 950 families served through Philly Families CAN, the home visiting centralized intake system.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and mother figures!

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