What to do about the infant formula shortage

It’s become increasingly difficult to find infant formula these days. And when you do find it, it can be extremely expensive. While the federal government is working to increase the supply of infant formula, it may be some time before we start to see the prices come down and start to find it on the shelves more often.

Until that happens, the Health Department has collected some resources to help navigate this difficult time. While many of these resources are focused on breastfeeding, we know that is not the answer for many moms who are dependent on formula feeding.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has put together a comprehensive list of questions and answers about the shortage and how to cope with it. These questions include information on what to do if you urgently need formula, alternatives to infant formula, and how long formula is good for.

For infants that are combination feeding (that means they’re eating both breastmilk and formula), the Health Department has a counseling program that can help support you. You can sign up for the breastfeeding counseling program online.

All Philadelphia families have FREE access to the Pacify app. This resource can connect you with a lactation consultant 24/7 to answer all sorts of questions about feeding your baby, not just breastfeeding. To sign up for free, unlimited access, enter the code PHILLY when you register.

WIC clients can reach out to their local WIC office for help figuring out which formulas they can buy with their WIC card and navigating the formula shortage.

The federal Department of Health and Human Services has a resources page intended to help find formula during the shortage.

For people who used to breastfeed, the CDC has developed resources to help reestablish lactation.

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